Drake cancels show to see 11-year-old girl awaiting heart surgery

Drake cancels his show to see 11-year-old girl awaiting heart surgery


Drake has had a very busy Summer with his freshly released album, Scorpion. In the midst of touring his shows and staying out of the drama, Drake suddenly cancels his show for a much more meaningful exchange.

All 11-year-old Sofia Sanchez wanted for her birthday was to meet Drake. The adorable young girl has been confined to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, as she recovers from one heart surgery while waiting for a new heart altogether. Sanchez made an In My Feelings Challenge video, where she does the viral dance after hopping out of her wheelchair instead of out of a car, and it certainly got Drake’s attention. After seeing the video, and Sanchez’s request that he come to visit her for her birthday, Drake showed up and surprised her!

In excitement and shock, Sanchez screams “I am so happy you came”! We are too. An absolutely incredible, kind, loving act from one of the biggest musical artist of our time.