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Lovely is a full-service Boutique design studio that focuses on creating high-quality experiences and deliver the latest in Lovely News in Los Angeles

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Lovely Process

High conversion digital design requires refined processes. We transform brainstorms into revolutionary ideas. We are optimized optimists efficiently collaborating with our clients to simultaneously uplift spirits, revenues, and results.


Finding out your needs allows us to reach and exceed your goals affordably and stylistically.


Strategizing allows the development and design process to have a clear, cut direction on where you want to go.


Reviewing your content will help us formulate and design based on functionality and revenue.


Preparing for take off - We will go over all of the details and refine the process so that you receive perfect results!

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Why try Lovely?

Lovely is built on trust, commitment, dedication, extensive research, analytics and lots of love..

As a female digital agency owner, I’ve seen it all. From old websites to missing pages, to off branding schemes and other digital disasters. The bottom line is: it must be fixed! My mission with lovely was to provide award-winning agency style at an affordable price that small businesses and dreamers could afford. Understanding my clientele’s needs allows me to exceed their goals for them, pushing them further than they ever entailed. What makes Lovely so different? We care, genuinely. We want to see all of our clients and projects succeed and will challenge ourselves until completion.

Make dreams come true

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We would love to help you complete your digital goals! We take what we do seriously and build beautifully, custom-crafted work to help you stay on top of your competition, increase revenue, and have an absolutely lovely digital experience.

We make Lovely ideas a reality.

Our Web Pricing

  • The Micro Mini

    Basic Package
  • $999-1,500


  • Three Pages

  • Intergrated SEO/SEM

  • Color Scheme/Direction

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  • The Lovely Package

    The Popular package
  • $1,500 - 3K


  • Five Pages

  • Integrated SEO/SEM

  • Color Scheme/Direction

  • Logo Creation

  • 3 Months Maintenance

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  • Supreme Package

    Premium Package
  • $3K - 10K


  • Six Plus Pages

  • Integrated SEO/SEM

  • Color Scheme/Direction

  • UI Experience

  • Six Month Maintenance

  • Logo Creation

  • Custom Content Creation

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