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Lebron James I-Promise School’s Mission

LeBron James Foundation opens school for at-risk kids in Akron

Lebron’s legacy goes beyond basketball and beautiful rings. Lebron is known for his very generous donations to young at-risk children but it doesn’t stop there. With his hard work, focus, dedication, and loving heart- Lebron opened a school up for the at-risk youth and children in his hometown, Akron Ohio.

Even after all his major sports accomplishments, James is most proud of what happened on July 30, 2018; when his I Promise School officially opened its doors in Akron.

“I do mean it,” James told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols in a sit-down interview Monday afternoon. “I can sit here and be at a loss for words, which I am now. This is my first time here, walking these hallways and seeing, when I was driving here, just the streets that I walked, some of the stores are still up when I was growing up. It’s a moment I’ll never forget and hopefully, the kids, starting with the 240 kids that we have going in here right now starting today, will never forget it either.”

Wow. Lebron is showing us how he returns the love for his community and inspires us all to do the same. His mission is beautiful, he wants to help all of his students succeed in ways they never dreamt was possible before. He vowed he would take care of his community, and this gesture is a huge step into the right direction!

“For these kids, for the whole city of Akron, this is a huge moment for all of us,” James said. “I remember walking these same streets and riding my bike throughout the rest of the city. When people ask me why a school that’s part of the reason why. Because I know exactly what these 240 kids are going through. I know the streets they walk. I know the trials and tribulations they go through. I know the ups and the downs and everything that they dream about. I know all the nightmares they have because I’ve been there. I know exactly what they are going through. They are the reason why this school is here today.” – Lebron James.


The mission is only beginning..

Now James is trying to provide that structure and support for others. With the help of Michele Campbell, executive director of The LeBron James Family Foundation, The I Promise School’s curriculum is centered around the foundation’s “We Are Family” philosophy, one that pushes for student growth and family development.

The school will operate on a non-traditional schedule, running from July 30 through May 17 followed by seven weeks of camp. That is designed to avoid the “summer slide” months. The school day is longer, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m.
But James’ impact goes far beyond any of that. He will always be defined by more than basketball. He’s solidified himself as one of the most influential athletes ever — just as he pledged. An inspiration to us all!