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Providing hope, help, and love on Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day is one of the loneliest days in the year. Contrary to those whom are in blooming relationships, have a warm place to call home, and the ability to spend time with your loved ones. Unfortunately, there are some people who struggle every single day who are even more so outcasted on holidays that celebrate…love. To show our love to those whom are less fortunate, we did some research on how to create our very own “Lovely Bags”. Creating a homemade Lovely Bag was actually a very surreal and beautiful experience simply because often, we don’t appreciate the little things we have. When doing my research; I noticed that socks, scarfs, blankets, and water were some of the things homeless people were really needing to survive especially in the harsh winter.

Now, I encourage you to do the same for your community! We went to the dollar store and spent under $50 to help 6 homeless men, women, and their animals. I am going to show you our version of our very own DIY Lovely Bags. You can substitute anything listed; this was just our version

Top Ten Products For Your Lovely DIY:

1.) Water: I couldn’t believe how inexpensive water was at the Dollar Store. I went to the local 99 Cents Only Store and got a deal of three, twenty four packs of water for only eight dollars! That means I had 72 waters to give away, which is AMAZING! 

2.) Soap and Hand Sanitizers: I ended up grabbing a bunch of soap (deals were 3 bars for $1) and hand sanitizers for $1 each.

3.) Shampoo and Conditioner: Shampoo and Conditioners were $1 each and they had Pantene, Garnier and other brands. You can also buy other hair products such as hair gel for men and combs/brushes.

4.) Tooth brush and toothpaste: It’s extremely difficult to stay immediate hygienic when you’re homeless so I suggest purchasing two small toothpastes or one big toothpaste per person. These were also $1 each.

5.) Blankets: The 99 Cent Store was selling blankets for people and animals for $1 each. I grabbed about 12 of these incase we ran into a family or a homeless person with a dog.

6.) Dog Food: I purchased 2 bags of dog food incase I ran into someone who had a dog. If you end up buying this and have no immediate use for it; keep it in your car. You may run into someone with a dog in the near future who could benefit from it.

7.) Bandaids: The 99 Cent Store sold a box of bandaids (contained 25) for $1. I picked up a few boxes so that I could include each bag with a few incase of blisters, cuts, or other wounds.

8.) Food: At the 99 Cent Store I go to, there is a huge section dedicated to drinks and food. I was very careful with picking the right food since some alternatives were not healthy for the consumer. I chose peanut butter and wheat bread to make sandwiches (remember to ask if the person has peanut allergies). I also grabbed handfuls of low sugar/low calorie snacks. I had some cans of soup and beans that I was readily able to give away.

9.) Toilet Paper: I found a deal on toilet paper that was $2.99 for 12 rolls. They had another option of 4 rolls for $1 but I figured the more the merrier!

10.) Clothes: I decided to donate clothing I already had on top of purchasing extra socks, underwear, and gloves. There are shirts, beanies, gloves, underwear, diapers, socks, and scarves at the 99 Cent Stores. If you’re unable to donate because of your finances you can always donate what you have! I had around 30 shirts, 9 beanies, a few pairs of gloves, and other clothing. The less fortunate appreciate what you can give, it’s okay if you can’t buy anything brand new.

11.) EXTRA Tip: You know those books around your house that you and your partner have read 100 times each? Donate it! Books help make the world bright. You can donate little things from your home like books, note pads, markers, matches, and more.

I don’t need to tell you how it feels to help others. It’s beyond satisfying to help others and spread a good deed in and outside of your community. I wanted to show you how you could help multiple people for under $50 but you are encouraged to donate and help as much as you can. It feels amazing to give back and you are genuinely making a difference in someone else’s world. Anything helps, I’m so proud of you. Stay lovely!