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Rose Quartz- The Energy of Love

When looking for the right skin regime, I can’t help but be interested in holistic healing products. I’m not interested in putting more chemicals or toxins into my skin to absorb and leave me with no or worse results. Facial crystal rollers are coming back from ancient times to bless us all with beautiful skin. Does it really work?

For me, it does! It’s important to do extensive research as you would with any other product on the market. The amazing thing about trying these rollers is that you don’t have to worry about the same risks you would with non-holistic products. The crystal roller has been used for improving elasticity, acne, and wrinkles throughout history. It was said that Cleopatra herself (WOW) bathed in rose quartz crystals and that pharaohs wore it around their necks for balanced energy. These rollers have also been used in Chinese culture since the 7th century for their ability to promote youthful skin and living.

Solaris Rose Quartz Facial Roller

I have been using Solaris products for about 6 months now and have reviewed their products before. I absolutely love everything they stand for and I genuinely trust this company because they actually care! They sunbathe, cleanse, smudge, and energize their crystals to receive optimal healing abilities in a holistic and loving way. I have not yet heard of another company doing this with their products. With Solaris, you have the option of selecting a Jade or Rose Quartz crystal roller; I personally went with Rose Quartz since it’s one of my absolute favorites. I use the rose quartz roller with rose oil, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid on my face down to my décolleté. So far, I have noticed an improvement in my skin texture as well firmness. I have been using my roller to roll out facial muscles every morning and night and have even been using it before applying makeup!

Why Rose Quartz?

“Why not choose something for your skin that has stood the test of time. Rose quartz has been used since ancient times across many civilizations for its anti-aging and healing properties. Our hand carved rose quartz facial roller can treat your skin inside & out by the soothing quartz vibrations in combination with the rolling action in strategic directions on the face. Rose Quartz rejuvenates your skin on a cellular level from the gentle potent aura it exerts, helps release stress, anxiety, and balances all matters of the heart.  Its calming energy can bring deep inner healing and self-love and is excellent for those who want to surround themselves with giving and receiving love. On a physical level due to its anti-inflammatory properties from the minerals in rose quartz such as aluminum, iron, titanium, manganese it can help calm redness from acne or other minor skin issues”.


1. Liberally apply a serum, face oil, mask or moisturizer.

2. Starting at the forehead roll up and outward.

3. Roll over cheeks and jawline, through to neck moving outwards towards the ears, finishing on décolletage.

4. After 1-3 minutes of facial massage, clean face.

5. Apply moisturizer and resume beauty regimen.


Rose Quartz Roller can improve:

· Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

· Increase lymphatic drainage

· Reduce puffiness

· Detox the skin

· Tone the skin

· Improve elasticity of the skin

· Soothe irritated, sensitive skin

· Exercise facial muscles

· Encourage product to be received deeply into skin